Woodfield Crossing Proposal

I’ve avoided commenting on this project at the corner of 86th and Keystone. I wasn’t sure if it was going to be “green” or if it was just dense development (which is still good for the area). However, I’ve been reassured with this article in today’s Star. Here’s the choice part of the article:

Premier Properties will present those plans tonight — to transform 50 acres on the southwest corner of Keystone Avenue and 86th Street — to the council at 7 p.m. at the Nora Branch Library. The development could include condos and an indoor theater for concerts. It would be across 86th Street from the site where neighbors fought a development that includes a Whole Foods Market and 31 townhomes.
“If we (NCC) are for smart growth, then the fact that they are using an area that’s been zoned commercial is good,” (NCC head Ruth) Hayes said. “They are not going out and ripping up residential areas and/or farmland.”

Woodfield Centre, a partially empty strip mall currently sits on the property as well as two office buildings Premier recently purchased from Duke Realty. With plans for a “green” development including rooftop gardens and reusing rainwater, Hayes believes that if Premier brings all the plans together, it could spark a change in the way planners develop property in the Indianapolis area. “None of us have seen the details,” Hayes said of the council. “It’s extremely dense and intense. It’s been Nora’s position if it’s dense and intense, go up if you must, but don’t sprawl down our corridor.”

This is more evidence that green developments are growing in popularity. If it can happen at suburban 86th and Keystone, it can happen almost anywhere in the city.

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