KIB is moving to Fountain Square

Via Property Lines, Keep Indianapolis Beautiful is relocating its headquarters to an old warehouse that they will outfit with a green roof. I’ve questioned their motives occasionally, especially when I saw a huge banner they hung near one of their planting projects. It wasn’t very beautiful. However, this is obviously a big step for both KIB and Fountain Square. More info can be found on KIB’s website.

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  • Sounds like a win for the Fountain Square neighborhood. KIBI will certainly work hard to help keep their home ‘hood nice and neat. And it looks like it should be a nice project. And green too.

  • Fountain Square is starting to realize its potential.

  • Let’s hope they get the property taxes squared away so it can actually realize it’s potential rather than “start” to realize it.

    I read yesterday where a woman upgraded her Fletcher Place home and her tax bill tripled, and there’s no way in the world it would ever sell for what it was assessed. So, she was penalized for trying to make the neighborhood realize it’s potential.

    This whole Indiana property tax mess has a potential to REALLY screw up urbanization efforts. Someone should blog about that.

  • I’m far from an expert on property taxes (well, I’m not really an expert on anything). I agree that it can really mess things up if nothing is done about it. I have hope that it will change soon, though.

  • I really haven’t been back to the Fountain Square area since I went Duckpin bowling a couple years back. Need to visit again, good to hear about development in this area.

    nice blog btw…i’ll be sure to check back every week or two

  • I love fountain square!

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