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The excellent quarterly newsletter Carfree Times has been updated, featuring two innovative projects.

The first is a massive-scale project in Abu Dhabi designed to be completely carbon neutral. It will combine ideas from the past (compact walled city) with ideas for the future (solar and wind power). It is obviously quite ambitious.

The second is on a much smaller scale, and is actually already in place in Erlangen, Germany. The town features narrow streets and a park-like design. The pictures tell quite a bit of the story as you see children walking in the street, completely oblivious to the fact that this would be crazy in many cities in the world.

These two projects offer us a glimpse at what is possible for our future as we continue to reduce our carbon footprint. We would be wise to learn something from each of them.

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  • Thanks for pointing me towards the Carfree website.

  • You’re welcome. Be sure to check out the entire Carfree Cities webpage linked on my blog if you want to lose about 5 hours of free time. It’s like looking 100 years into the future…

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