Thoughts on the Indy Star Face-off

The so-called Face-Off from the Indy Star’s Voices section ends up as a knock-out for the pro-mass transit crowd. The mass transit supporter’s article, while a bit broad, hit upon many of the key points for the future of our city, including pollution, funding, sprawl, and gas prices. However, the article from the supporters of more roads is so poor that I actually laughed out loud at one passage. Here’s the offending sentence:

Buses and trains use 19th-century technologies that aren’t suited to the needs of a modern economy.

Nice. It’s as if they’ve never left the state.

We are not going to build our way out of congestion with an unsustainable, inefficient mode of transportation. We have already seen the reprecussions of unregulated expansion that is dependent on the automobile. The time is now for a new direction.

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