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Parking lots in historic districts or Why IHPC was right to deny the firefighter’s credit union

Back in 2005, I sat on the Historic Irvington Community Council’s design and zoning review committee. Irvington had just recently become a historic district and was under the jurisdiction of the Indianapolis Historic Preservation Commission. Not long into our life as a historic district, a developer submitted an application to redevelop the northeast corner of …

Options for Bush Stadium

Since its opening in 1996, Victory Field has received much praise as the home of the Indianapolis Indians.  And rightfully so.  It is a beautiful ballpark in an urban setting that has helped link the central part of downtown to White River State Park. But the one downside to the new ballpark is what was …

The freedoms, benefits that come from riding the bus

For those of you who don’t participate in this city’s mass transit, know this: it is very possible to have positive, successful experiences commuting by city bus. And to be honest, for me, depending on mass transit instead of my pickup truck has improved the quality of my life.